Weight Loss Challenge

Greetings and salutations from your M.B.A/NALC Health Benefits Representative Ramon

Lawson. 2018 has flown by. In my first 9 months on the job I have learned a lot. I have been to

trainings, received information and spoken with people about how great the NALC Health Plan

is. I am truly grateful for all the help I have received and knowledge I have gained.

Our weight loss challenge was a success. We had nine participants: Mark Beach, Todd

Hornyak, Ramon Lawson, Myron Miller, Allan Moore Sr., Gary Porter, Rod Robinson, Don

Shephard and Chuck Snyder. First place was $140 and second place was $40. The first place

winner was Ramon Lawson and Don Shephard came in second. Our challenge goal is to

educate on healthy food alternatives. Most participants ate a lot of fruits and salads during the

challenge. I believe eating healthy increases energy and helps us to live long and productive

lives. Look out for our next challenge which will be sometime in the beginning of 2019.

Open season for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHB) is from November 12,

2018 through December 10, 2018. During this time you are able to choose health, dental and

vision insurances. You can stay with the plans you have or you can change plans if you like.

The union has information on the NALC Health Plan, you can got to OPM.GOV to compare the

NALC plan to other plans. Information will be available on OPM.GOV in the first week of

November 2018.

With this position I have dual roles. I also am responsible for informing my fellow union

members about our Mutual Benefit Association (MBA) program. Our MBA offers term and whole

life insurance policies. For CCA’s the MBA offers a savings option that can convert to TSP when

they become career. For more information about the MBA, please contact me at the union hall,

or stop by and pick up some information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for the hard work you do every day

delivering the mail to our customers. Without your hard work and dedication there would be no

NALC. You are the backbone and lifeline of this organization. Thank you and keep up the good


Yours in Solidarity,

Ramon Lawson

NALC Buckeye Branch 78

MBA/NALC Health Benefits Representative