What's One Day A Month?

     Here it is, March 2002 and another Union meeting is coming up next week.  I've been going to them since I began my career with the Post Office (way back in 1996...yes, that was a joke).  It has been six years of taking one day a month for about two hours out of my life to learn about what the Union is doing to make my life as a carrier better.  How many times have you been casing mail and overheard some carrier complain by asking "...what has the Union done for me?"  For those fifty or so of us (yes, I said 50) that attend the meetings each month we could tell you.  However; it is a shame that only about 3% of OUR Union membership attend the monthly meetings.  These people are the ones who know what the Union is doing to make our life as carriers better.  These people are the ones who know what Congress is doing with Postal Reform.  It's nice to see these fellow brothers and sisters take time out of their busy schedules to learn what is going on with the Union, Congress, and the Postal Service. 

     I would love to come down to a meeting some second Wednesday of each month and not find a place to sit!  It would be nice to not be able to find a parking spot.  It would be nice to see some new faces (not that the ones that show up are bad...well, there is Rocco's). I challenge each carrier who reads this article to attend at least one meeting in 2002.  Come and introduce yourself to me saying that you accepted the challenge.  I will put up a page on the website listing everyone who accepted this challenge.  There are forty-nine other members who would like to see you down at a meeting also.


I'm not going to make this a long article this time but I want to leave you with this...


            To have a Stronger Union, what's one day a month?


Trevor Payne




This article was first published in April 2002