Where’s The SERVICE?

(Fade in)

Scene 1:  Three older ladies are standing around looking at their mail.

Old Lady #1: “I can’t believe them.”

Old Lady #2: “Yeah, I know.  What ever happened to the good old days?”

Old Lady #3: “Where’s the SERVICE?”

I’m sure many of you recognize the Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercial reference.  I think that many carriers, as well as many customers are thinking the same thing.  The only ones however who aren’t feeling the same are Postal management.  These groups of people spend more time with their noses staring at a computer screen worrying about  “numbers” than what is important.  That would be the delivery SERVICE we provide to the United States and the World.

I find it somewhat humorous that once the endorsements on the mail changed to include the word “SERVICE”, everything went downhill (or it seemed that way).  I remember an incident where my station manager told me that unless we make money on a SERVICE, we (i.e. the Postal SERVICE) will not be providing the SERVICE.  What part of SERVICE doesn’t management understand.  All of them apparently.  I always thought I was working for the United States Postal SERVICE, not the United States Postal dis-SERVICE. 

I’m sure each and every one of you who reads this article can come up with an example of where SERVICE is leaving the Postal SERVICE.  I can think of a couple right off the bat.

1.     Getting rid of suite/door to door delivery for business’s. (are these the people that the Postal SERVICE is trying to keep from using other delivery companies like UPS and FedEx?)

2.     Replacing door to door delivery in residential neighborhoods with gang-boxes.

With the continuing decline of the SERVICE’s we provide, where does postal management think business is going to go?  I would have to say UPS, FedEx, and the many other delivery, SERVICE orientated companies.  I personally don’t want to see that happen.  Every one of us has a stake in ensuring success of this organization.  Granted, it’s not perfect by any means; however, I take extreme pride in the SERVICE I provide to my customers and I sincerely hope each of you do the same.

Trevor Payne




This article first published April 2002