August 2018 - Article by VP Mark Beach

Shortly after convention several new memorandum of understanding were signed between the Postal Service and the NALC to address issues.


Memorandum M-01892 addresses the issue of city carrier assistants that have been on the rolls for an extended period of time. The parties agree that any CCA’s in offices of 200 work years or more that CCA’s with 30 months or more of relative standing on September 1, 2018 will be converted to full time regular status. CCA’s in offices below 200 work years with 30 months of relative standing on September 1, 2018 will be will be converted to Part time flexible status. This is great news for our CCA”s in the smaller offices that will now be able to be placed on the pay scale, sign up for health care and retirement, sign up for acation, and earn both sick leave and annual.

Memorandum M-01893 The "Hold in Place" rule will be rescinded. City letter carriers affected by this action will receive their step increases as scheduled prior to being held in place and have their pay calculated retroactive to the time they should have received their step increase(s). As of November 24, 2018, there will be no promotions within the city letter carrier craft. Instead, carrier technicians will be paid additional compensation equivalent to 2.1 percent of the employee's applicable hourly rate for all paid hours. The ELM will be modified to reflect this understanding.

Memorandum M-01894 finally resolves the disputed issue of the retroactive CCA Holidays. The memorandum states the following: Employees who were on the rolls as CCAs on Christmas day 2016 (December 25), New Year’s Day 2017 (January 1), Memorial Day 2017 (May 29) and independence day 2017 (July 4) and remain on the rolls as a CCA or career letter carrier as of the date of this agreement (7/28/18), will receive holiday pay pursuant to article 11.8 of the 2016-2019 National Agreement.

Memorandum M-01895 Addresses the issue of former CCA’s who have not received their retroactive pay for CCA time when they were converted to career status during the pay period. CCA with conversion dates prior to 2/18/17 who did not receive their retroactive pay on 2/23/18 will receive a lump sum of $50 dollars less taxes. CCA with conversion dates between 2/1817 & 5/27/18 who did not receive retroactive pay on 2/23/18 will receive a lump sum of $100.00 less taxes. Former CCA with a conversion date after May 27, 2017 will receive a lump sum of $150.00 less taxes if they did not receive not receive retroactive pay on 2/23/18.

Memorandum M-01896 To determine the number of years and employee served as a T.E. the total days an employee served will be divided by 360. The Postal Service will recalculate the time and make any necessary adjustments within 60 days of the signing of this resolve which was 7/27/2018.


These memorandums are a direct result of your union dues at work. It shows that without the union management would treat their younger employees even worse than what they do.  This major overhaul for former transitional employees and City Carrier Assistants has turned into a huge disaster for the Postal Service and has soured many of our younger employees with their employer and some with the union. Thank you to all the CCA’s and T.E’s that “hung in there” and waited patiently. Your frustration was warranted and justified; hopefully these issues will now be resolved soon. These memorandums can be found on the NALC National website and the Material Resources Handbook.  Become informed, get involved and help the union become stronger.  United we stand divided we will fall.

Vice President, Mark Beach