October 2018 - Article by VP Mark Beach

Each week the union is finding that management is failing to input dozens of time cards for new City Carrier Assistance. New City Carrier Assistant’s, I’m sorry that I have to put out this alert but you will need to keep track of the time that you work, your time cards and your hours. Although I have tried to stay positive on this subject, it is happening too often for the union to feel comfortable. Please keep track of your time cards and hours and if there are any issues please report them to your steward or the branch immediately.

There is a large amount of discipline being issued on missed package scans. From what I’ve seen from my recent office trips everybody from the carrier of record for a route, CCA’s, management and even maintenance personnel carry and deliver packages, even if they are not assigned to them. Not to mention that some packages are being left on the supervisors’ desk or worse yet on the carriers’ case after they leave. This, along with the unreliable scanners that we currently have, are leading to more failures than the carriers’ actual missed scans. If you are given a PDI for missed package scans be very careful on how you answer the questions. A customer may get four packages in a day. You as a carrier may have gotten two packages on the day in question and properly handled and scanned them. The other two may have been thrown after you left or misrouted. When asked if you delivered packages for a certain address you may be referring to packages that you did actually deliver and scan when in reality management is asking you about the other two packages. The heat is coming down on the supervisors and managers from above and they are passing the blame to the carriers. I agree that package scans are very important and vital to our companies’ success but, I also believe management needs to prove that a carrier intentionally acted wrong with knowledge before issuing disciplinary action.

This fall is a very important election year both locally and nationally. There are opportunities to help both local and national labor friendly candidates win office. President Emeritus and Director of Retires Doug Gulley, has been released for the 2019 campaign. Please feel free to contact him or the hall to see how and when you can volunteer. Since it is election season a friendly Hatch Act reminder, a letter carrier cannot do any campaigning while on the clock; in uniform, or represent his or her views posing as a Postal employee. A letter carrier may not wear or display any type of political endorsements or campaign material while on the clock. Cars driven by Postal employees to and from work may only have two political bumper stickers and they must not be for the same candidate or issue. If the car is used for official business, the stickers must be covered. In addition, the use of social media to discuss, campaign or endorse a candidate or issue is strictly prohibited if the employee is on the clock or in uniform. This includes private social media, email accounts and electronic devices. We want to make sure labor friendly candidates and issues are elected and passed but we also want to make sure our letter carriers do the right thing and follow the rules set forth in the Hatch Act. That being said, I hope all members consider giving $5 dollars a month to the letter carrier political fund or come down to the AFL-CIO (out of uniform of course) and help get labor friendly candidates elected. The job you help save might be your own.