June 2019 - Article by VP Mark Beach

Operations for the Postal Service, not knowing a good thing for our company, has decided to scrap joint route inspection agreements and go back to formal route inspections. In the spring, we had multiple special inspections that resulted in time added into stations. Operations as a result announced several full-blown inspections. Many carriers that came to the union route inspection-training class did an excellent job protecting their route. Yet a few of the younger carriers where taken completely off guard by their first inspection, which resulting in these carriers missing time credits that they deserve. The mail volume in Grove City was unbelievable low during the week of inspection only to have it explode the week after the count was over. No routes at Grove City during the week of inspection had any EDDM mailing the week of inspection. Yet the week after the count was over almost every single route has had at least two EDDM mailings, most had three. Seems like management has specifically targeted the lightest mail volume weeks to perform these inspections.

Next came the Lincoln Village inspection and almost the same exact thing happen with low mail volume. We have guided the stewards in these offices to ask management for relevant information on these inspections and handling and processing grievances regarding these inspections. I’m truly sadden that our employer would choose to throw away thousands of dollars just to cut two or three minutes per route based on inspection times that took place during the lowest month or two of mail volumes. We have not had route inspections for years so; I cannot understand why carriers would not come to union inspection-training classes that are designed to ensure carriers get a fair shake when being inspected. I hope that in the future more carriers take advantage of these training classes.

The union has seen an increased volume in attendance related disciplinary action recently. Many of these adverse actions resulted in expunged due to management mistakes. However, the district has now brought in an Attendance Czar to ensure management stops making errors in these disciplinary actions.

After pressure from the union and grievances, management announced 26 conversions in the Columbus installation in May. Just a reminder to these new regular carriers you only have 60 days to contact Shared Services to sign up for benefits. Newly converted regulars are contractually guaranteed time to meet on the clock with the union to discuss their benefit options.

Last, I would like everyone to check out the final report for this year’s “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive. A big thank you goes out to each person that helped make this year’s food drive a tremendous success. Your generosity and effort have helped our local communities tremendously. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity to support this great community service project.