November 2018 - Article by VP Mark Beach

I would like to take a moment and thank each and every member of Branch 78 who served in our nation’s military services. I believe those who have willing served to protect this nation and our way of life in the United States deserve the utmost respect and gratitude. Each year for the past 10 years I have felt truly blessed to donate my time the last weekend in October to help disabled and wounded veterans in a charity event and I’m truly humbled by the men and woman I meet and the love that they show for their country and fellow American’s.

By the time you read this the midterm elections will be over. I hope that all branch 78 members exercised their right to vote and thought long and hard about their jobs and future before they pushed that button to vote. Unfortunately no matter how you feel about President Trump and his policies he has made one thing abundantly clear, he hates union shops and will do whatever he can to privatize the Post office and kick hard working letter carriers to the curb along with our health care, retirement and good paying middle class jobs. Many of your fellow NALC members have started to see the writing on the wall and have joined the letter carrier political fund for five dollars a month to make sure the NALC has a seat at the political table. Would you miss five dollars a month to help secure your job, healthcare and retirement benefits? Please talk to Todd, myself or Trevor Payne on how to join the letter carrier Political fund.

The recent attempted mail bombing by alleged right wing radical Ceaser Sayoc could have really brought the mail industry to its knees if the attempts had been successful. Even though it is still unclear if the bombs actually went through the mail system or not the threat to Postal Employees is very real. I urge all employees to be extremely cautious of any suspicious package. The letter carriers who were employed by the Postal Service back in 2011 when the 911 attacks took place and terrorist sent anthrax laced letter and packages through the mail killing 5 and leaving 17 others lives forever physically changed will never forget the impact this had on the mailing system. Over half of our current regulars in the Columbus Installation were not even employed at the time of 911 so they may not even realize the threat that or impact terrorist using the mail can cause. Please I caution all of you to stay vigilant and aware. Don’t just think because we live and work around Central Ohio that it could not happen here.

We are slowly working through the minor route adjustments we did during the Spring of 2018 and doping the revisits. We have had a willing partner to try and do what is right instead of costing our employer tens of thousands of dollars in payouts in the grievance arbitration procedure. We still have a few offices left to revisit and with one exception the re tweaking has been minor. That being said management has informed the union that Northland (43229) station will undergo a formal route inspection beginning 4-6-2019.

I would like to take the time to thank Yana Miller Farney and retiree Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson for their many years of dedicated service to NALC Branch 78‘s one new Toy Program. Due to health reasons, work conflicts and a long tenured run of leadership with this program they are stepping down. The branch is looking for a few dedicated and eager volunteers to take this program next year so we can continue the tradition of Letter carriers and NALC Branch 78 giving back to families in need during the holiday season.

Last but not least I want to give a big shout out to retiree’s Doug Gulley and Ray Mitchell for working o the labor 2018 get out the vote campaign. While letter carriers worked late hours into the night these gentleman spent time away from their families making phone calls and doing labor walks on behalf of labor friendly candidates. If you see them make sure you thank them for their efforts. Also I would like to thank Ramon Lawson for covering the November stewards meeting while I was on vacation.