2016 Food Drive Kickoff

Columbus had our annual Food Drive Kick-Off this morning in the Main Office Lobby. Randy Quickel with the UFCW donated the paper bags for the food drive. The bags are very popular with contributors and have been the catalyst for increasing donations.

Left to Right: Stephanie Warner, Mid-Ohio Food Bank; Mark Stewart, Mid-Ohio Food Bank Board of Trustees; Randy Quickel, President UFCW; Jackie Mitchell, Gahanna Letter Carrier and Food Drive Coordinator; Ignatius Vaccaro, Postmaster, Columbus; Todd Hornyak, NALC Branch 78 President; Zach Klein, City Council President.

Stephanie presented the NALC with the Award of Excellence for the amount of food collected at last year’s food drive (approx.. double from the previous year).

NALC Branch 78 President Todd Hornyak; City Letter Carrier Jackie Mitchell (Gahanna) and Food Drive Coordinator; Stephanie Warner with Mid-Ohio Food Bank