Members Bad Addresses

The following members have bad addresses, please contact the hall ASAP.  If you know the individual in your office please inform them.

Chris Schakel (Lincoln Village), Deontae Strickland (Upper Arlington), Shantice Martin-Busby (Tri Village), Mohamed Muse (Central Point), Autumn O'Linn (Grove City), Rory Hotaling (Grove City), Charles Cunningham (Westerville), Brandon Coleman (Westerville), Jill Newman (West Jefferson), Mariah Chapman (South Columbus), Sashia Hawkins (Shepherd), Kevin Brown (Shepherd), Tova Brooks (South Columbus), Dominique Robinson (Oakland Park), Jeffrey Whitby (Oakland Park), Alyssa Fletcher (Oakland Park), Thomas Midle (Oakland Park), Keylin Griffin (Oakland Park), and Dominica Chatman (Oakland Park)