Something good for the community

We received a letter from the lower librarian at the Columbus School for Girls. Below is part of the letter we received.

My students have been studying various aspects of communication, and my Third Graders are studying letter writing AND the post office in particular.  Just last week we took a tour of the Columbus Processing and Distribution Center.  The students were amazed by everything they saw!

I am writing to you because in mid-April, we will be having a Reading Festival about communication.  The Third Graders are going to dress up like mail carriers ( they will wear blue),  and they will be "running" the post office we are creating. 

I am wondering if there might any be supplies or accessories we could borrow f from NALC #78 for our Reading Festival/ mail carrier event. 

I am not sure what might be available -- and certainly our students are children, not adults -- but I thought I would ask to see if there is anything we might borrow:   postal neck ties?  a postal bag?  old hats?   an old sweater?  posters of stamps?

If there is anything we can borrow, I would personally pick up the items, and make sure everything is returned to you neat, safe and intact.  

I would really like to help them out. If you have anything laying around that you could spare for a week please let me know. This is something that doesn’t cost us anything and would show that the letter carriers care for our communities.

You can email the branch at nalc seven eight at if you can help.