New Members (12-11-17)

Please welcome the following new members!: Matthew Bailey (Eastland), Taylor Bowman (South Columbus), Kevin Cifuentes (Northwest), Otis deNijs (Northwest), David Harris (Oakland Park), Kersten Hudson (Whitehall), Andre Napier (Grove City), Kory Norwood (Delaware), Sequala Owensby (Bexley), Kelli Perkins (Bexley), Brittany Searcy (Gahanna), Gregory Simpson (Eastland), and Nathan Spatz (South Columbus)

New Members (11-25-17)

Please welcome the new members who are coming in at the most difficult time: Dave Corbin Jr (Reynoldsburg), Alisa Denson (Reynoldsburg), Ryan English (Oakland Park), Lenny Gomez (West Worthington), Melissa Hardy (East City), Turia Strain (East City), Daniel Vera Hernandez (East City) and Christopher Whitney (West Worthington).

New Members (11-16-17)

With the fall weather come more CCA's.  Please welcome the following to your office: Angelica Bey (East City), Dishon Coles (Oakland Park), Teauna Faulks (West Worthington), Naideen Floure (Oakland Park), Debra Fly (West Worthington), Christopher Hatten (Oakland Park), Aneesha Khair (East City), Preston Lofton (Oakland Park), Sufyan Mohammed (Oakland Park), Ahmed Musa (Oakland Park), Terri Stallings (East City), Moses Tekie (somewhere in Columbus) and Davon Vance (East City).