new members

New Members (2-11-19)

With a new month comes new members, please take a second and welcome the new faces to your office: Jessica Aguero (Northland), Melissa Andrews (Delaware), Paul Edwards (West City), Melissa Grady (Westland), Matthew Hacker (East City), Molly Johnson (West Worthington), Samantha Lair (West Worthington), Dawn Thompson (West City) & Heather Vicha (Westerville).

New Members (01-23-19)

We need to welcome the following new members to Branch 78: Rhonda Shaffer (West City), Edgardo Rivera (West Jefferson), Catherine Riddle (Grove City), Kimberly Freeman (South Columbus), Katrinnea Howard (Northland), Chris Zawodniak (Bexley), LaShena Simms (Eastland), Victoria Alvarado (Oakland Park), Brittany Hair (German Village), Montrel Triblet (Oakland Park), Jerome Kenner II (Dublin) & Tim Bash (West Worthington).